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 1st annual of our public modelers' contest (27th October, 2001):


Models, that took part in the contest:

Plastic models (airplanes, helicopters, AFV,...): 47

Cut-out paper models: 11

TOTAL: 58 models


Participants and competitors:

There were 9 model clubs from 8 towns, that took part in the competition:

KPM Apolo Kopřivnice, KPM Tora Příbor, KPM Frýdek-Místek, KPM Greif Havířov, KPM Karviná, KPM Ostrava-Dubina, KPM ZŠ Hukvaldy, DDM Kopřivnice, Zástupci CPM.


Non-organized public participants from 4 towns:

Kopřivnice, Studénka, Prostějov a Slavičín


No. of competitors and other company: 35 contestants + 24 company and referees

No. of organisers: 10

Other visitors: c. 30

Total visits: c. 99


We would like to thank all the sponzors and partners, above all the town of Kopřivnice, Letka racing team Ltd., HT Model Magazine, Potraviny Klos Kopřivnice and House of children and youths of Kopřivnice.